10 Best Samsung Dark Themes for One UI 2/3

The Samsung Theme Store is flooded with thousands of dark themes but all of them don’t support Samsung One UI 2 and One UI 3.0. The Samsung Galaxy themes I purchased for my Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 no longer theme my Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S20 completely. If you are looking for the best Samsung themes that work flawlessly on the latest One UI, I’ve come with a list of 30 beautiful dark themes for your Galaxy phone that work on Android 9. 10 and 11.

Browsing hundreds of themes, downloading and trying them is really a time-taking and data-consuming job. I spent hours exploring the Theme Store and shortlist the best Samsung themes. Most of the themes listed below are black and dark because dark themes look great on Samsung’s AMOLED display, save battery, and save eyes from digital eye strain.

Personally, I don’t like the One UI’s default dark theme. However, there are a bunch of 3rd-party dark themes that can customize every aspect of the One UI including, the lock screen, phone dialer, contacts, quick settings, and notification panel, messaging, calendar, calculator, keyboard, file manager, SystemUI, and so on. Without any further ado, let’s check out the best Samsung themes available right now.

Out of the 30 dark Samsung themes listed below 15 are free and the remaining themes are premium. If you like white or light themes, don’t forget to check out these 20 best light Samsung themes.

Before you proceed, however, you should also read my tutorials to learn how you can boot your Samsung device into the Download mode and Recovery mode, and download the latest Samsung firmware.

Note: Since the Samsung theme download links can’t be shared, I have provided the exact keywords that you can use to search for the themes and download them. You 

1. Blac UI (Free)

Designed by Lucas Kendi, Blac UI is one of the best free dark themes that fully supports Samsung One UI 1.0 and One UI 2.0. The theme has a beautiful blue and black wallpaper with a material design. Blue and green highlights on a dark background make Blac UI look awesome. The use of colorful icons in the Settings interface is the best thing about this theme. Blac UI has been my favorite dark theme because of its premium feel and clean looks. The theme works perfectly on phones like Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A80, Galaxy S10, Note 10 and I have no doubt it’ll work on other Galaxy phones as well.

2. Black Onix (Free)

Black Onix is another awesome dark theme for Samsung Galaxy phones running One UI 1 or One UI 2. It has been there for 3 years in the Theme Store and it keeps getting regular updates. Black Onix has a pitch-black background and blue and purple highlights that look really cool. The use of gradients in the dialer and menu tabs add it further charm. I used this theme on my Galaxy S8, S9, and now on Note 10+.

Blck Onix is a free theme but it has all premium features. It also comes with a beautiful AOD. It is definitely one of the best Samsung themes you must install and try.

Theme search keyword: ‘gs black onix’

3. Amethyst Dark (Paid)

Amethyst Dark is another great dark Samsung theme that you must check out. It has been designed by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz who has developed some of the best themes for Samsung devices. The combination of dark violet background and rose gold highlights gives it a killer look. I purchased this theme 2 years ago for my Galaxy S9 and it still works like a charm on my Note 10+. It’s worth the money you pay to get it.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw amethyst dark’

4. Black and Blue All Over (Free)

Embossed icons, eye-catching dialer screen, royal blue, and splashes of black here and there, all make this theme a must-have. If you don’t like a plain background on the home and lock screens, you can use a matching wallpaper to enhance its looks. The theme has been developed by  Performance Design and is available in 2 variants with little tweaks. You can enjoy this theme for free.

Theme search keyword: ‘rpm black and blue all over’

5. Azure (Paid)

Designed by Naveen Rai, Azure is a minimal and material theme for Samsung Galaxy devices. It has a very clean design and everything looks just perfect. This dark theme looks good because of the great use of dark grey, black, and royal blue colors. The dialer theme that comes with Azure has a refreshing look. In my view, this is one of the best Samsung themes that you should check out on your Samsung device.

Theme search keyword: ‘nr azure’

6. Black Lemon (Free)

Black Lemon by MINU is a free dark black Samsung theme. The combination of yellow and black make it a simple yet appealing theme. When applied, Black Lemon looks great on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. It’s a completely free theme and if you like the color combination, you must download it. It’s one of the best choices available for those who are looking for a clean black theme.

Theme search keyword: ‘minu black lemon’

7. NewDay UI BlackWall (Free)

BlackWall by Elijah Rabo is one of the best Samsung themes available in the Samsung Themes Store. A clean grey background and amazing use of gold text, outlines, and highlights give it a lovely look. BlackWall used to be a premium (paid) theme but now it can be downloaded for free.

Theme search keyword: ‘newday ui blackwall’

8. Gold & Storm Blue (Paid)

The very preview of Gold & Storm Blue makes you pine for it. Just like Amethyst Dark, this theme may be called Sebastian Wolodkiewicz’s masterpiece. I love the theme wallpaper, the icons, the colors, the AOD theme, and everything about this theme. Gold & Storm Blue is a premium theme and it is worth every penny you spend to get it. It looks amazing on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw gold and stormy blue’

9. Carbon Green (Free)

Carbon (Green) is a theme with premium looks. It is one of the 4 themes of the Carbon series developed by Invaser. While Carbon Red, Purple, and Blue are paid themes, you can get Carbon (Green) for free. Just download this theme, apply it and you’ll realize why it earned a place in my list of the best Samsung themes.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser carbon green’

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10. Lonely Blue (Free)

If you have owned the Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ll instantly recognize the stock gradient wallpapers that came with the phone. Lonely Blue by Aire Design uses similar gradient wallpapers as a base to evolve as a formidable dark Samsung theme that is compatible with all versions of the One UI. This theme is completely free to download and use.

Theme search keyword: ‘air lonely blue’

You have checked out all 10 best Samsung themes listed above, you should realize how must time, research, and hard work I have put in compiling it. Download and install the Samsung Dark themes for your Galaxy device running One UI and let me know what you think about them.

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